Friday, March 2, 2012

Photography is my Running

A few weeks ago there was a death in our family.  My aunt had passed away and the services were to be held the following week back in my home state of Michigan.

I made the seven hour drive East while my sister did her share of driving as well, coming from the lower part of Michigan, also about seven hours.  My brother lives in town and this was the first time, in a while, that we had all been together.  Siblings, cousins, old was nice, even if under the circumstances of the passing of my aunt.

My brother runs...he runs a lot, daily.  Rain or shine, sub-freezing temps to scalding hot pavement, he's out there.  Dedicated.  Persistent.  Inspiring really.  My sister runs too...they are runners.

In 2008 Running USA reported that there are about 23.4 million people who run about once a week, and about 15 million who make the effort twice a week.  That's a lot of runners out why do they run?  That got me thinking after I took the first shots of my brother while visiting a few years ago.  This image has gained some attention with some of the running folk as it shows the focus and concentration as well as the internal struggle/competitiveness going on inside the runner (my brother).  This seems to be the consensus on what is perceived...interesting.

Jason, Jason, and Jason

So why do you run?  I thought.  I never really asked, I just kind of assumed it was for the endorphins, health reasons, etc.  But it is so much more than that...

There is a sense of calm that can come over you as you run, letting you clear your mind and focus intently on each step being better placed and an inch further than the last.  There is a sense of accomplishment.  Running encourages you, welcomes you, teases you, and challenges you.  When you are running you're completing something, you own it!  It's a stress reliever.  If you run by yourself, it's a great time to be alone with thoughts, to sort things out, get organized, become energized, and refocused on anything you want.  When you run with others there is a community of individuals driving you to be better, sharing thoughts, ideas, or having conversations that you just wouldn't have while sitting down face to face.  It's a bonding with people on a different level.  Running is a lot of things to a lot of people.

Photography is all of those things to me.  Looking through the viewfinder is calming.  I can clear my head and concentrate, think, envision the final outcome of what it is I am seeing.  There IS a sense of accomplishment.  I AM encouraged, welcomed, teased, and challenged.  Everyday runners are setting goals to beat their last times, run a little further.  I am making better images, making more images that count.

My brother Jason runs...he is a runner.  My friend Jessica runs...she is a runner.  I make photographs...I am a photographer.

Jason Promo Shot

Jessica Promo Shot 2

Jessica Promo Shot 1  

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