Thursday, June 7, 2012

Eclipse and Venus Transit Fine Art Prints 50% OFF!

On May 20th, 2012 the moon crossed paths between the sun and the earth creating some stunning images seen around the Western Hemisphere.  Just two weeks later the planet Venus made a guest appearance to do the same.

The partial solar eclipse on May 20th was something out of science fiction, but in this case it wasn't fiction, it was real.  While eclipses happen every year sometimes twice, the next total eclipse will happen on November 13th 2012.  The May 20th eclipse was an annular partial eclipse, so being around to see this or a total eclipse will be a definitely possibility for most.

The Transit of Venus, however, does not happen that often.

The first recorded transit was in 1639 and it was said that the transit of Venus would occur in pairs of eight years.  The next two observations were in 1761 and eight years later in 1769.  Then 1874 and 1882, 2004 and now 2012.  The next transit will occur in 2117, long after I will have a chance to see it again.

Being a photographer and being able to capture smiles and fleeting moments as they happen is one thing but being able to photograph a planet that is 26 million miles away and slightly smaller than earth by only 650 miles in diameter, is truly an amazing experience...especially as it passes in front of the sun.

With this extraordinary event, I am offering another extraordinary deal!  50% OFF of the fine art print sizes for your home of the Venus Transit.  These are prints that will look amazing hanging in your home or office and will definitely stir up conversation.

Not only will the Transit prints be on sale, but the entire gallery of Fine Art prints will be 50% OFF as well.  This includes prints and canvas wraps!  That means you're getting a beautiful 16x20 for the price of an 8x10!

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Sale ends June 30th!  And if you're not in the market for a Fine Art print of these, send me an email and I will send a special code to get 50% OFF the regular print of these images in the Sights and Scenes Gallery


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