Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lynn and Dave are C R A Z Y fun!

Back in November I made a three and a half hour trek up to Duluth Minnesota to witness and document some friends of mine get married.  These guys are crazy fun to be around and anytime spent with them is a good great time.  A couple that naturally walks off the beaten path, I give you Lynn and Dave Whalen.

I shot engagement photos of this, sooooo meant to be together, couple in early 2012.  It was complete overcast and dreary out but not with these two around.  We had so much fun in just a few hours that I couldn't wait for them to get married!

The engagement shoot was great, the wedding was incredible!  Lynn and Dave have such great friends and family.  Such warmth and kindness was given from everyone I met during the entire day well into the night.

To the newly weds, the Whalens.  Lynn and Dave, may the rest of your days be filled with as much joy and happiness as the Lord above can give you.  Thank you for letting me be a part of it all.


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